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Some of the more notable advantages to forming a trust (specifically a Nevada On-Shore Trust) in Nevada are as follows:

No Creditor Exceptions
Unlike other states, Nevada’s trust protection laws make no exception for alimony or child support.
Shortest statutory seasoning period
Nevada has only a two-year seasoning period for asset protection trusts. This means that once the two-year period has passed after the transfer of assets, the assets held in trust are generally protected from all subsequent creditor claims. Most other states with domestic asset protection laws require a four year seasoning period
Settlor can also serve as a trustee
Pursuant to Nevada law, a settlor of a Nevada On-Shore Trust can also serve as a trustee. Additionally, Nevada law provides that a settlor-trustee can hold and execute management powers such as the power to direct trust investments.
Protection extended to advisors
Accountants, attorneys, investment advisers and other similar advisers to the trustee of a Nevada On-Shore Trust are protected from legal claims by third parties.
Available to Nevada residents and out-of-state residents alike
You need not be a Nevada resident to form, and benefit from, a Nevada On-Shore Trust. It is important to note that there must be at least one trustee residing in Nevada, this may be an individual, a trust company or a bank.
No state income, estate or inheritance tax
The absence of state income, estate and inheritance taxes in Nevada is a key advantage. In fact, trust experts advise that one of the first factors to consider when examining where to set up a trust is whether the assets are subject to state taxes.
Superior protection from creditors
Nevada law holds that for a creditor to bring an action against a transfer of property to a Nevada On-Shore Trust, the creditor must prove that the transfer was a fraudulent transfer with the intent to hinder, delay or defraud the creditor. This is difficult for a creditor to prove, especially if the transfer of assets happened prior to the creditor’s claim
Less expensive than off-shore trusts
Domestic asset protection trusts are significantly less expensive to establish and administer than asset protection trusts in foreign jurisdictions.
Assets are kept within the United States
Unlike off-shore trusts where assets must be redomiciled to foreign jurisdictions, assets in a Nevada On-Shore Trust can remain in the United States.
Allows for Anonymity and Privacy
Trust names are not required to include a family name. It is possible to set up a trust in Nevada and result in very little public information as to the identity of the settlor or trustee.